Types of Cotton T-Shirts For Custom Printing

Cotton is the star material for personalized t-shirts. It is cheap, natural, and of great quality. But, there are different types of cotton t-shirts for custom printing. To make your print look great, get to know the different types and choose the best one for you.
T-shirts are the best garment and anyone who says otherwise has never owned a R.O.S. T-Shirt. They are functional. Comfortable. Practical and everyone can wear them. There is a huge variety of colors, designs, and styles.
Some fabrics are more suitable for warm weather events. While others are ideal for sporting events. At R.O.S. we carry a wide variety of brands and styles of t-shirts with different types of fabrics. We are the best custom t-shirt printing in Bridgeview, Illinois.
If you’re looking to print a design you liked or start a custom t-shirt store, it’s helpful to know the type of t-shirt materials. In this mini-guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about cotton t-shirts.

Why use cotton for custom t-shirts?

Cotton is the most popular fabric for custom t-shirts. It is soft, durable, and breathable.  Also, it is very cheap. It is an ideal fabric for everyday use.
There are different types of cotton fabrics on the market and each differs. Most cotton T-shirts are pre-shrunk. What does this mean? That a machine pushed the fibers together, condensing the fabric and eliminating the space between stitches.
This doesn’t mean that your shirt won’t shrink. It means that most of the shrinkage has been eliminated. Most fabrics shrink between 3 and 7 percent. This percentage goes unnoticed by people.

Types of Cotton T-Shirts For Custom Printing

Organic Cotton

It is grown with minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides. In this way, it does not affect the environment. Because of its strict growing practices, this type of cotton can be more expensive than regular cotton. But, one of its advantages is that, by using organic cotton, you will be part of the ecological movement that cares for the planet.

Combed cotton

Cotton fibers receive special treatment before spinning. They are then brushed to remove short strands and straighten the fibers. This results in a finer and softer finish on garments than with conventional cotton. This type of cotton is more expensive than normal cotton. But its softness compensates for the cost.

Pima cotton

The most premium cotton on the market. That’s Pima cotton. It has extra long fibers that make it soft and durable. It resists fading and stretching, even after several washings.

Ring-spun cotton

To achieve a close-knit, they use tightly woven cotton yarns. Ringspun is one of the strongest and softest fabrics. Thanks to its close-knit, the print acquires a high definition.

Reflect your sense of style and create your own unique garment designs with the best custom T-Shirt Printing in Bridgeview.

In R.O.S. T-Shirts, we work with high-quality materials
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The grammage

Another factor to take into account to get the perfect customized T-shirt is the grammage or thickness of the fabric.
  • High grammage (up to 220 gr/m2): Ideal for cold temperatures. 
  • Medium grammage (up to 165 gr/m2): Ideal for all types of temperatures.
  • Low grammage (up to 145 gr/m2): Ideal for hot weather.

Advantages of using cotton to print custom t-shirts

Cheap: Very affordable for all types of companies looking to customize T-shirts.
High quality: Durable t-shirts with an excellent quality-price ratio.
Different types: Different types of cotton will help you get the perfect print.
Natural product: Natural and ecological material (the planet thanks you).
Hypoallergenic: It does not cause skin allergies or irritate the skin unlike other types of fabrics.
Breathable: It is a breathable material and able to absorb moisture from the body. 

How to wash your custom cotton t-shirts?

Whether it is ringspun cotton or organic cotton t-shirt, you can follow the same washing instructions. That is, you can wash and dry it at any temperature. But, we recommend you to follow a series of guidelines to prolong the good condition of the T-shirt.
Follow these easy instructions on how to wash your custom t-shirts to keep your clothing in good condition.
  • Use mild or neutral detergents
  • Wash the garment inside out
  • Do not mix colors when washing
  • Use warm or cold water
  • Avoid tumble drying
  • Ironing on the inside

Why are cotton T-shirts recommended for customization?

Cotton is a comfortable and pleasant material. That’s why custom cotton t-shirts are so used as merchandising items. They are inexpensive, offer great quality, and have a wide variety of shapes and colors. Also, cotton is hypoallergenic, so anyone will feel comfortable.

What is the best T-shirt fabric to customize?

Without a doubt, cotton is the best fabric for the perfect custom t-shirt. But, in techniques such as sublimation, we need t-shirts composed of polyester. But, DTG works best with 100% cotton t-shirts. In our publication Types of printing on T-shirts, you will find out everything you need to know.

Why is combed cotton recommended for custom T-shirts?

Combed fabric is more durable. This means that printing on a cotton t-shirt will be more durable.

Why is a combed cotton t-shirt better?

To get the perfect custom t-shirt, it is ideal to use a combed cotton t-shirt. This type of material will make the t-shirt much softer and more durable. Also, the print will last longer, and the colors and patterns will last longer and be in better condition.
Thus, combed cotton t-shirts are a very good choice for advertising t-shirts.

Is combed cotton more recommended for custom t-shirts?

If you are looking for a custom t-shirt that will stand up better to washing, the answer is yes. Although the price is higher than conventional cotton t-shirts, combed cotton will give your custom t-shirts a special touch.
Your company logo or design will remain intact for longer. The quality of combed cotton is exceptional.

Reflect your sense of style and create your own unique garment designs with the best custom T-Shirt Printing in Bridgeview.

In R.O.S. T-Shirts, we work with high-quality materials
so you can be sure that your t-shirts will last a long time. 
Even after many washes!

Bottom Line

Although polyester is ideal for certain types of printing, cotton is the material of choice for custom t-shirts. As you could see, there are different types of cotton and they adjust to the needs of your budget and project. Study and choose the best option for you and go ahead and print your t-shirts.
At R.O.S. we have a wide variety of t-shirts in all kinds of styles and materials. Also, we have sweatshirts, polo shirts, and many other garments and items to customize. If you are looking to create a custom clothing line or start an online clothing store, we are your best option.