How To Wash Your Custom T-Shirts

Whether it’s your favorite sports jersey or your work t-shirt they all need to be washed. To prevent damage to your garments, follow these simple steps on how to wash your custom t-shirts.
Although at R.O.S. we use the highest quality materials, unfortunately, the designs don’t last forever. To extend the life span of your favorite t-shirts, we recommend the following:

5 Steps To Wash Custom T-Shirts

Wash the garment inside out

By washing the garment inside out, you reduce the possibility of other garments coming into contact with the print. This way, we avoid damaging the print.
Also, washing the garment this way will make the wash better and will make the print last much longer.

Wash with cold water

As with dark garments, the colder the water, the better. Washing your garment in hot water can cause the screen print to fade. Hot water can even weaken the adhesive of the print.
Washing your garments in cold water will also prevent them from shrinking.  Washing in cold water will also cost you less (a win-win option for everyone).

Dry in the sun and don’t use a dryer

The best way to dry your custom T-shirts is the way your grandparents did it years ago: in the sun. If you use the dryer, the heat it applies to dry your clothes can be too high and thus harmful.

Ironing on the inside

Not everyone likes to iron their shirts. But if you are one of those who like to look neat, we recommend that you iron your custom t-shirts on the inside.
Also to iron on the inside, you should lower the temperature as much as possible. The ironing result will be the same and you will protect the print much more.

Do not mix colors when washing

If you want to take good care of your garments, mixing whites and colors is not allowed. This tip is not only for custom t-shirts but for any kind of washing you do.
Mixing white garments with colored garments can cause some to fade and stain others. You may end up with unwanted results!
Regardless of the type of clothes, do the correct separation before washing.

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We are confident that if you follow these simple tips, your custom t-shirts will last much longer.
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