Embroidered T-Shirts For Car Repair Shops

Embroidered T-Shirts For Car Repair Shops

Grease is the great enemy of uniforms in the machine shop. It is very easy to get dirty and very difficult to wash. That’s why at R.O.S. T-Shirts we recommend using Embroidered T-Shirts For Repair Shops. Why? Easy. They’re durable, they’re cool, and they look great after several washes. Embroidery is a technique that offers a … Read more

What Is Sublimation | Everything You Need To Know

What Is Sublimation | Advantages, How To Apply It And Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays there are several techniques to customize t-shirts. This time we are going to talk about what is sublimation, one of the ideal techniques to get custom t-shirts for sports teams.  On other occasions, we have talked about screen printing and the different types of digital printing. Likewise, we have also seen the importance of … Read more

How to Create Your Logo Quickly and Easily | The Best Tips

How to Create Your Logo Quickly and Easily - Best Tips

Everyone immediately recognizes the Apple logo. A simple apple became a true pop culture icon. The logo is the first graphic element that your audience relates to your company. If you don’t have one yet, we show you how to create your logo quickly and easily.  Let’s start! Nowadays, image counts too much. Customers are … Read more

Custom T-shirts For Schools | Your School Logo Will Look Perfect

Custom T-shirts For Schools

There is no apparel that reflects team spirit more than a custom T-shirt. Custom T-shirts for school do that. Whether it’s to compete in a championship or for a fundraiser, these apparel items are ideal.  Custom school t-shirts will make students feel special. They will also give young people a sense of belonging. They will feel … Read more

Custom College T-Shirts | Get Yours Here

Custom College T-Shirts

Going to college is a unique experience. You gain knowledge, develop skills and meet great friends. You may even meet the great love of your life. That’s why it’s a great idea to wear custom college t-shirts. Next, let’s review why it’s a great idea to wear custom college t-shirts. The life of a college student goes … Read more

Custom T-shirts For Gyms | Boost Your Image

Custom T-shirts for gyms

Practicing sports has become a constant in many people’s lives. Gyms and sports centers are now the ideal space for socializing. So, if you own one of these establishments, you need custom gym T-shirts. Why? Here we tell you. Nowadays gyms and sports facilities are very crowded. People of different ages, races, and social classes go … Read more