How To Wash An Embroidered T-shirt?

How to wash an embroidered T-shirt so it doesn’t wear out? If you are looking to take care of your embroidered garments and keep them for a long time, this post is for you.
Embroidered T-shirts are special. They provide a unique look that printing cannot achieve. Embroidery creates reliefs and textures that generate a spectacular finish.
If you have a favorite embroidered t-shirt and want to keep it for a long time, follow these tips. Also, if you have an embroidered t-shirt for business, this is for you. Everyone in your workplace will envy you.

How to wash an embroidered t-shirt?

We know it is more tiring and time-consuming, but the best thing to do for embroidery is to wash the garment by hand. And with the right products so that the fabric does not wear out. We are used to putting the pile of clothes in the washing machine. But, with embroidered T-shirts, especially your favorite, you should be especially careful.

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Wash embroidered garments in the washing machine is workable, but uses a delicate program. Besides, you should pay attention not to leave the garment in the water for a long time. Depending on the size of the embroidery, if you leave the garment wet for too long compressed, the embroidery may crack. You don’t want that, do you?
Also, another great tip we give you is to always wash your custom embroidered t-shirts inside out. Preferably with bar soap and paying special attention to the embroidery area. Especially during rinsing, to avoid soap residue.

Tips for ironing embroidered T-shirts

For optimal care of your embroidered T-shirt, you should iron it inside out. To leave the embroidery on clothes impeccable, the iron must be at the greatest temperature. The technique to use is as follows. Instead of sliding it over the fabric, what you will do is press it against the fabric intermittently, as if you were placing stamps. Use a handkerchief or some other intermediate fabric between the garment and the iron.

Tips for preserving embroidered T-shirts

Always store embroidered garments folded in such a way that the fold lines do not coincide with the embroidery so as not to deform them.

Embroidery allows you to create a more sophisticated and professional look for your t-shirts.

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