How to Create Your Logo Quickly and Easily | The Best Tips

Everyone immediately recognizes the Apple logo. A simple apple became a true pop culture icon. The logo is the first graphic element that your audience relates to your company. If you don’t have one yet, we show you how to create your logo quickly and easily.
Let’s start!
Nowadays, image counts too much. Customers are seduced by the first impression caused by the brands’ value propositions. Your company logo will be the first impression. And, it must be a good one.
The purpose of the logo is to connect people with the brand. The audience makes decisions based on what the advertising motivates them. That is why it is important to have a good logo.
So far, there is no magic formula to creating a good logo. It is a type of art and success depends on creativity and power of expression.
But, we are going to go out on a limb and give you a few tips to get the perfect logo.

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How to Create Your Logo Quickly and Easily

It must be versatile
The versatility of a logo is very important. You’re not printing this graphic element on paper, are you? You will use it on your social networks, website, and even promotional merchandise. That is why it is important that it is versatile and easy to print anywhere. A clear example of versatility is the Nike popcorn.
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Must be easy to remember
The Apple Apple or the McDonald’s “M” are graphic elements that are easy to remember. Shapes can express an infinite number of feelings. Add to that the right color and you have the perfect combination.
Remember, keep it simple. Do not overload your logo with elements because it will be difficult for the audience to remember it. Sometimes the simplest thing costs a lot. But it delivers great results.
It should not expire
A great logo is one that never goes out of fashion. It survives the course of time. Although the world changes trends very fast, your logo cannot change year after year. You must find a way to make it last.
A clear example is the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) logo, designed by Paul Rand in 1962.
Keep it simple
As we already told you, keep it simple. Simplicity is the golden rule in logo design. Sometimes, simple things explain and contain the message better than complicated things. There are many examples of famous logos with great simplicity. For example, Adidas, Nike, IBM, to name a few.

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Follow these tips to get a logo that becomes a success. To boost your brand, even more, we recommend custom t-shirts. It’s a great strategy to position new products or unveil promotions.
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