Embroidered Patch & Emblem

Do you know boy scout uniforms, what makes them stand out? If you said the embroidered patch and emblem, you’re right. Also, to their distinctive colors, boy scout uniforms stand out for their embroidered patches and emblems.

In the embroidery industry, emblems and patches are an important element. You can find them in the army, navy or public institutions. Likewise, sports clubs or music groups also use them.

If you have a cleaning service in Chicago, patches can be used to customize uniforms. You will be able to distinguish your staff and you will even be able to recognize the worker of the month. You can also apply this strategy if you own an iron fence business in Chicago or a digital marketing agency.

Another benefit of emblems and patches is that they are inexpensive to produce. You will be able to order a large production run for future projects at an affordable cost. At R.O.S. T-Shirts we will help you get the best emblems and patches in Bridgeview.

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To learn more about patches, let’s talk about their production. There are two general types of patches: Fully embroidered patches and patches with less than 100% stitching. The latter are not fully embroidered and need a fabric base.

Embroidered Patch & Emblem, a great choice

With this, in mind you have to ask yourself, which patch do I need? The shape of the logo will determine the number of stitches and the elaboration process. Generally, emblems that are not fully embroidered are sewn on heavy twill fabric. Also, they need a satin border. This gives shape to the patch.

On the other hand, those that are fully embroidered are sewn directly onto the interlining. Easier and faster.

For production, it is important to take into account the quantity and characteristics of the logo. Both characteristics determine the way to follow to meet the expectations of your project.

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