How To Make The Print Last Longer?

All screen prints promise a durable t-shirt printing. They guarantee that it will last after many washes. But sometimes, the print is not of great quality. Thus, the print wears off after a few washes. So what to do? Rest assured that R.O.S. T-Shirts have the best tips to preserve your favorite print.

Custom t-shirts are the perfect choice for kids of all ages. It’s also great for advertising your business or a new commercial offering. But, no one wants to bring in a worn and ugly print.
That’s why we talked to our specialist John Brown who has been making magic with R.O.S. T-Shirts for years.

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How to get a durable t-shirt printing?

The source of the problem lies in the fusing of the dye in the designs. You have to understand something very obvious: once the T-shirt is washed, the color can come out of the fabric. Brown explains that this happens because there are not enough commercial additives to prevent the dye from sticking to the garment.

According to our screen printing specialist, the problem is greater with synthetic fabrics. Why? Because this material is more permeable to printing dyes.

One of the tips Brown gives us is to use a hose with cold water. He recommends that you wash all clothes in cold water or room temperature water. Why? Because unlike hot water, cold water does not alter the fabric, color, and quality of the garments.

Another tip is to use mild soaps throughout the wash cycle. Brown stressed that, for ideal care, you should not use bleach. That custom T-shirt with your exotic frenchie on it will last longer if you don’t use bleach. Trust us.

Another way to preserve your print is to wash it inside out. Also, when it comes to drying, forget the dryer. Go to your backyard and air dry your garment. Make sure that your garment is not completely exposed to the sun.

Remember that sunlight causes prints to fade even faster. That’s why your t-shirts no longer look the same as when you bought them.

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