How to Choose Your Custom T-Shirt Material

Customizing t-shirts is not about choosing the design. You also need to learn how to choose the material for your custom t-shirt. In order for you to know all your options, we present you with this guide with which you will decide which material is best for your custom t-shirt.
Nowadays there are a lot of textile materials available. But, not everyone is aware of this great variety when it comes to designing their t-shirts.
At R.O.S., the best custom t-shirt store in Bridgeview, we have custom t-shirts of many kinds. The material you select will depend on your use. We have materials for sports shirts and materials for thermal shirts. And materials that work depending on the type of printing selected.
Some materials are ideal for a certain type of printing, while others depend on convenience and budget.

Choosing Your Custom T-Shirt Material

Cotton is the most popular material in the world of custom t-shirts. But, there are different types of cotton.
Some of the most common are pre-shrunk cotton, ringspun cotton, or spun cotton. Also to these, there are other lesser-known types.
There are also hybrid fabrics. These are composed of different blended materials such as cotton and polyester.

What are the benefits of each of these materials for custom t-shirts?

Each material has its many advantages. But, you have to consider your budget and the functionality they will have. To make your design shine, here are the advantages of the most common materials for custom t-shirts.
Cotton ringspun T-shirts
  • Lightweight and cool cotton
  • Provides a more delicate finish
  • Stronger fibers so the t-shirt will last longer
  • Ideal for those looking for fashionable, high-quality material
Pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts
  • It will not shrink when washed
  • Cheaper than other types of cotton t-shirts
  • Thicker and heavier fiber
  • Ideal for hen & stag parties, events, and all those on a budget. 
Polyester T-shirts
  • Easy to wick away sweat
  • No shrinkage
  • Stronger and more durable than cotton
  • Ideal for sporting events


Cotton/polyester blend T-shirts
  • More durable garment
  • Stains show less than on a 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Softer Ideal when looking for value for money

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How do I select the material depending on the printing technique?

Another point to take into account when choosing the material is the type of printing.
  • DTG needs T-shirts with at least 80% cotton.
  • Textile sublimation requires polyester t-shirts.
  • Screen printing adapts to all types of fabrics.
  • In the case of personalized embroidery, the ideal is a garment with a good grammage so that the result is optimal.

At R.O.S. we have a trained team that will help you select the most suitable t-shirts for your budget and design.