Custom Eco T-Shirts | Get Yours And Support The Planet

The custom eco t-shirts, is there really a healthy alternative for the planet? Wearing comfortable clothing and supporting the planet are possible. A few years ago it was unthinkable, but the concern for being more environmentally responsible generated an alternative: custom eco t-shirts.
The fashion world became aware of environmental needs and created alternatives that are more respectful of the planet. Some call it sustainable fashion while others call it ethical fashion. Although the movement has different names, the goal is clear: to adapt to the needs of the environment.
This is how the organic T-shirt was born. But what is it? What is it made of? Let’s check it out.
One of the most used raw materials in the fashion world is cotton. The cultivation of cotton handles the consumption of a large amount of water. Also, the cultivation of cotton accounts for the use of more than 80% of the fertilizers used worldwide.
The T-shirt, being one of the basic pieces of any closet, makes it the most manufactured garment in the world. The most used material in its manufacture is cotton. So, as a small conclusion, the T-shirt is the garment that encompasses the issues raised above.

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What is an organic T-shirt?

The production of organic T-shirts reduces the environmental impact of cotton T-shirt production. How? The cotton used requires less fertilizer. Also, the waste generated is controlled so that it does not pollute the sea.
The material of the organic T-shirt is organic cotton. That is cotton that has been grown without the use of chemicals.
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How to help the planet with organic T-shirts?

The conventional cotton T-shirt represents more than 90% of all T-shirts sold in the world. To reverse this situation, organic T-shirts must become the star product. This will have a great positive impact on the planet.

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